Exhibitor FAQ

Speaking Opportunities

- What speaking opportunitites are available? (Paid and unpaid?)

Technical Session: [Free] These are 30-minute presentations based on a paper that is submitted. The Call for Abstracts is open now. The abstracts are reviewed by our Technical Advisory Committee . If accepted, the speakers are invited to give a technical session presentation and submit a paper for consideration for our Outstanding Paper Awards. These sessions/papers are in-depth technical studies, not commercial presentations.

Panels: [Free] These are put together by our moderators, usually editors or analysts in the field, who invite speakers to participate in their panels based on the panel theme.

Frequency Matters Theater: [Free] These are 30-minute speed training or informative sessions in our show floor theater. Ideas are submitted directly to Janine Love, for consideration and scheduling if accepted.

Workshop: [Paid] These are paid 40-minute speaking opportunities that are meant to be educational case studies or training rather than straight product promotion (require a booth on the show floor). This would also be a good opportunity to explain a technology in depth. These are purchased as part of a sponsorship package at EDI CON USA download the brochure.

- What is EDI CON University Training Day?

It’s a day dedicated to short courses for intensive training. Take the opportunity to showcase your industry leadership by presenting a 3-hour intensive short course for conference attendees on EDI CON USA’s training day. Reserve a 3-hour time on Friday, October 19th to provide technical education on an RF, microwave, or high-speed digital topic of your choice. As a university short course sponsor, you will receive free VIP pass codes to share with customers and potential customers to attend all three days of the EDI CON USA conference. Attendee luncheon included on October 19th.

Attendees: EDI CON USA Full Conference Pass Holders

Day includes: 3-hour short courses programmed by EDI CON USA, 3-hour vendor-sponsored training sessions, coffee breaks and luncheon

3 Hour vendor-sponsored training session $6,000, includes room for 100 attendees in a morning or afternoon session, 100 free 3-day conference passes for your customers, name on sponsorship for luncheon

Two 3-hour customer training sessions: $7,500, includes room for 100 attendees in morning and afternoon, 100 free 3-day conference passes for your customers, name on sponsorship for luncheon.

(Limited to 4 sponsored EDI CON University short courses, so reserve early.)