Exhibitor FAQ

High-Speed Zone

- What is the High Speed Zone?

The High Speed Zone is a special demonstration area designed to simplify the exhibition for companies specializing in Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, or EMC/EMI products that are looking for a turnkey exhibition opportunity. The area comes with a demonstration pod that includes: a demonstration platform, 10amp electrical service, signage, carpet, chair.

- What do I need to bring to the High Speed Zone?

Along with staff, just your demo equipment!

- My demonstration includes a computer. What is the ideal size I should bring?

The platform will comfortably hold a standard 17-18” monitor and keyboard or for a plasma screen up to 24”

- What artwork files do I need to supply for signage?

A high res (300+dpi) pdf or illustrator file (.eps) with artwork for the panel which is 38 1/8" x 87" H. You can include logos, product images, etc.

Speaking Opportunities

- What speaking opportunitites are available? (Paid and unpaid?)

Technical Session: [Free] These are 30-minute presentations based on a paper that is submitted. The Call for Abstracts is open now. The abstracts are reviewed by our Technical Advisory Committee . If accepted, the speakers are invited to give a technical session presentation and submit a paper for consideration for our Outstanding Paper Awards. These sessions/papers are in-depth technical studies, not commercial presentations.

Panels: [Free] These are put together by our moderators, usually editors or analysts in the field, who invite speakers to participate in their panels based on the panel theme.

Frequency Matters Theater: [Free] These are 30-minute speed training or informative sessions in our show floor theater. Ideas are submitted directly to Janine Love, for consideration and scheduling if accepted.

Workshop: [Paid] These are paid 40-minute speaking opportunities that are meant to be educational case studies or training rather than straight product promotion (require a booth on the show floor). This would also be a good opportunity to explain a technology in depth. These are purchased as part of a sponsorship package at EDI CON USA download the brochure.

- What is Training Day?

Meet your customers in the Boston area during Training Day at EDI CON USA. Offer them the benefit of product-specific training as well as a free 3-day conference pass to come back and see the exhibition and two more days of EDI CON USA conference sessions, panels, and workshops.

September 11, 2017
Attendees: EDI CON USA Full Conference Pass Holders

Day includes: 3-hour short courses programmed by EDI CON USA, 3-hour vendor-sponsored training sessions, Luncheon, and Evening Reception

Sponsored Training Sessions: 3 Hour customer training session $5,000, includes room for 100 attendees in a morning or afternoon session, 100 free 3-day conference passes for your customers, name on sponsorship for evening reception

Two 3-hour customer training sessions: $7,500, includes room for 100 attendees in morning and afternoon, 100 free 3-day conference passes for your customers, name on sponsorship for evening reception.

Limited Availability: 8 sessions (4 rooms, morning and afternoon sessions)